I wanted to share some of the ways I saw God moving and working in Milwaukee. Yes, there were three races and they were very good. Yes we had two chapel services and a catholic mass. But, what struck me most about the weekend were the individual encounters….

Just prior to one of the races, a team owner, knowing we pray with the drivers, pulled me aside and asked, “Do you have a prayer for me?” I immediately prayed for him and asked God to guide him in in every decision he makes.

Prior to another race, a team engineer saw me approaching his pit box and he immediately ripped his headset off and stepped down towards me. Nothing had to be said. I grabbed his hand and prayed for wisdom and discernment in the calls he made.

I was talking to a team manager when a spotter on his way to the top of the grandstands to spot for his driver asked if I could pray for him. I grabbed his tattoo covered hand and prayed that God would direct him in his important job.

I was talking with a pit lane safety guy when he got a call from a friend that was battling cancer. He said, “I am standing here with Chaplain David and I will ask him to pray for you.” I motioned to him and asked if we could pray right now. He put this gentleman on speaker phone and I prayed for his medical situation and that God would be involved in the entire process.

A driver, who finished on the podium, thanked me for praying for him. He typically never wants to pray. The first time he has ever prayed with me was at our last race event.

My wife and I had a conversation with the pits during the INDYCAR race with a Christian woman who had just gone through a divorce and was hurting emotionally. After she talked through her tears, my wife asked if she would allow me to pray for her. We held her hands and I prayed directly in her ear over the roar of the cars that God would heal her emotionally, provide for her physically and uphold her spiritually. We all hugged, not paying any attention to what was going on in the race, but thanking God for this meeting….

God is moving. God is working. Keep praying.