From time to time I am asked that question. At times I simply say, “Well, we hang out at the race track and wait for things to happen, the ministry of hanging out.” That sounds cool and fun and it is at times but there is so much more to what we do in ministering to the four IndyCar Series. We exist to introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him. We strive to present basic Biblical teaching and principles that people understand and use to embrace a new life in Christ. If you love Jesus and enjoy racing we want to invite you to join with us!

TOP TEN LIST (what we do)

  1. Lead Chapel Services & Catholic Services at each race.
  2. Coordinate untouched leftover foods from hospitality chefs for the local poor at each track (av.2500 lbs per race).
  3. Provide Crisis Intervention to the racing community in the event of death or crisis event.
  4. Establish and lead “Winner’s Circles” at various team garages. Focus on Spiritual encouragement and the Bible.
  5. Provide counseling services to racing community.
  6. Help host and provide trackside Bible Study at race venues.
  7. Lead prayers for driver’s meetings & with drivers and teams prior to the race.
  8. Visit Medical Center and hospitals when a racer is injured.
  9. Provide Pastoral leadership for weddings & funerals.
  10. Prepared to introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him!