From the moment the semis unload our team is on the ground and connecting.  IndyCar Ministry serves 4 series, which covers everyone from mechanics, officials, medical staff, to the race drivers themselves, and many more. Weekly we are reaching thousands of people with the Gospel within the paddock.

On a typical race weekend, we open every series and driver meeting in prayer.  During pre-race you’ll find us praying with drivers, each of the teams, the officials, and when called upon doing the invocation. Since our community travels over 30% of the year with no ability to attend church, we bring the church to them.

Every Sunday we hold a Devotional service where we gather to dive into God’s Word, encourage, and support each other in community. We also offer a Catholic Mass as well. As a ministry, we want to provide an opportunity for all to worship Jesus, while traveling on the road.


Our hearts desire is to see the hope of Jesus radically transform the paddock. Which means in addition to reaching as many as possible, we also want to create spaces to grow deeper through discipleship. We do this in our Winner Circles. Winner Circles are small groups happening inside the various race shops during the week. They serve as a place for encouragement, support, study God’s Word, and to serve one another.

As a small community they get the incredible privilege to reflect the love of Jesus within their teams. In a way, it’s like planting a church in the midst of a difficult environment.  Each Winner Circle has a leader who invests and equips those in their group to live out their faith in a dynamic way.


Each race, tens of thousands of race fans gather to enjoy an exciting NTT INDYCAR series event.  Which provides us an incredible opportunity to share the love of Jesus across the country!  At over 10 events a year, we send our IndyCar Ministry trailer and show car to be present with the fans.  We hand our bibles, books, pray with people, and connect them to a local church.

The desire of this ministry is to partner with local churches in the area of our races. The idea would be that the local church provides volunteers, who would then engage with, connect to, and even pray for those who stop by. The show car serves as the attraction to then open up a line of conversation. If you are involved in a local church in the area of a race and would like to partner with our Fan Outreach, please email for more info.