God wants to use you to make an impact!  Join IndyCar Ministry and be a part of all that God is doing in the paddock. Whether thats a financial donation, volunteering, or prayer God wants to use you to make a difference.  Motorsports is an incredibly broken place, desperate for the Hope of Jesus. Join us today and be a part of changing lives by investing where God is moving!



We believe in a God of abundance. A God that provides and meets needs through willing vessels like you.  As you partner financially with IndyCar Ministry, you are investing in lives both for today and eternity.  We operate in a highly relational ministry that is driven by being present. Which requires a lot of travel, making up a majority of our operating costs.  Whether it’s a check, on-line donation, or stocks every dollar counts and is changing lives.

IndyCar Ministry is a 501(c)3 non-Profit corporation, funded entirely by your donations. Every donation is tax deductible and goes towards making an impact.   Although supported in many ways by IndyCar, we are not funded by IndyCar.

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We have both the internal ministry taking place within the paddock, as well as an external ministry reaching fans for Jesus. At a number of events,  we set up our IndyCar Ministry fan area comprising of  a show car, bibles to hand out, stickers for the kids and much more.  Volunteers have prayed, shared Jesus, and connected fans to the local church.  Volunteering with us puts you on the front lines of  seeing God moving in a very exciting environment.

We also have a number of needs behind the scenes. Whether thats helping with organization, leadership, events, or truck driving. IndyCar Ministry has a team of volunteers serving behind the scenes to make everything happen. If you are interested in joining our team email:


The miraculous takes place through prayer. The strongholds we face at the race track is very much a spiritual battle ground. Not only do the drivers face incredible danger but the teams, officials, and many working behind the scenes face a lot throughout the season.

One way to make a significant difference is through fervent and dedicate prayer. The needs are many, the struggles are real, and the ground is fertile for God to do amazing things!  Join us by printing off the following prayer guide and joining daily to lift those working in the paddock and families back home up.

30 DAY PRAYER GUIDE (click here)

MONTHLY financial partnership
Buy a meal
$50 /Month
  • For $50.00 a month, you will be providing spiritual food to those within the paddock in addition to providing the chaplains with physical food on the road.
  • On typical race weekends, each of our chaplains will eat out an average of 6-8 times. Your support will help provide them with a healthy meals to sustain the long days at the track .
Book a hotel
$100 /Month
  • Rest is of utmost importance after a day of ministry. Our chaplains typically walk upwards of 12 miles a day spending 8-12 hours per day investing in people. A decent night's rest is important.
  • Supporting at $100.00 a month you would be providing a chaplain with 1 night in a hotel per month.
Rent a car
$150 /Month
  • It’s important that we are always prepared for the unknown. Which makes it imperative for what we do to have transportation, especially in the event of a hospital visit.
  • At $150 per month, you would be providing a rental car for one race weekend per month, ensuring our ability to be present in difficult situations.
Round trip ticket
$300 /Month
  • With 24 scheduled events (including series tests), our travel cost are the largest need we have. Airfare is at the top of that list.
  • Partnering at $300 per month will provide round trip airfare for one chaplain per race weekend. Your support helps ensure we can be present to continue to foster relationships and share the hope of Jesus.