We are dedicated to fostering relationships within the community of IndyCar,
by serving those involved with the love of Christ.



To see the love of Christ transform the IndyCar community.


IndyCar ministry connects people to Jesus by reflecting Christ's love through dedicated service to the IndyCar community.

What We Do

The heartbeat of IndyCar Ministry is focused on one word, Relationships. We are dedicated to fostering relationships within the community of IndyCar, by serving those involved with the love of Christ. Whether that is through prayer, at track support, Winner’s Circle Groups, or counseling; we at IndyCar ministry strive to lead the community of IndyCar in their journey with Christ.

IndyCar Ministry

The IndyCar Ministry is dedicated to providing spiritual support and counseling to the IndyCar Series drivers, teams, and staff both on and off the track. The IndyCar Ministry began when the Indy Racing League was founded in 1996. With the exciting growth of IndyCar, the need for our ministry is even greater. With increased pressures and demands on drivers, teams, officials, and their families, the ministry is available to assist in many different ways. IndyCar Ministry provides support in times of crisis as well as encouragement during the challenging times of racing. We minister to the Verizon Indy Car Series, as well as the Mazda Road to Indy ladder, including Indy Lights, Pro Mazda, and USF2000. Our ministry also touches the hundreds of personnel involved in any given race weekend including the safety team members, officials, hospitality providers, and support personnel.
IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry2 days ago

Bridges or Barriers, which are you building more of? Jesus modeled what it means to get low... It's in our humility that we truly reflect the truth in our beliefs. 1 Peter 5:5-6

IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry1 week ago

Whether you realize it or not, you're a leader. How we lead our flock makes all the difference. What does it look like for us to be eager to lead? 1 Peter 5:1-2
#racingbuildsrelationship #bethechurch

IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry is at New Jersey Motorsports Park - NJMP.2 weeks ago
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New Jersey Motorsports Park - NJMP

3 different series , 8 races , 2 action packed days at New Jeresey Motorsport Park with Road To Indy. Still tons of Kingdom opportunity to make the most of. We are beyond grateful to have an army praying for our drivers, teams, officials, and...

IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry2 weeks ago

How do you suffer well? Is there a purpose in it all? Today we are going to do a dive into how to make our suffering count 1 Peter 4:16-19 #bethechurch#racingbuildsrelationship#1peter

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