We are dedicated to fostering relationships within the community of IndyCar,
by serving those involved with the love of Christ.



To see the love of Christ transform the IndyCar community.


IndyCar ministry connects people to Jesus by reflecting Christ's love through dedicated service to the IndyCar community.

What We Do

The heartbeat of IndyCar Ministry is focused on one word, Relationships. We are dedicated to fostering relationships within the community of IndyCar, by serving those involved with the love of Christ. Whether that is through prayer, at track support, Winner’s Circle Groups, or counseling; we at IndyCar ministry strive to lead the community of IndyCar in their journey with Christ.

IndyCar Ministry

The IndyCar Ministry is dedicated to providing spiritual support and counseling to the IndyCar Series drivers, teams, and staff both on and off the track. The IndyCar Ministry began when the Indy Racing League was founded in 1996. With the exciting growth of IndyCar, the need for our ministry is even greater. With increased pressures and demands on drivers, teams, officials, and their families, the ministry is available to assist in many different ways. IndyCar Ministry provides support in times of crisis as well as encouragement during the challenging times of racing. We minister to the Verizon Indy Car Series, as well as the Mazda Road to Indy ladder, including Indy Lights, Pro Mazda, and USF2000. Our ministry also touches the hundreds of personnel involved in any given race weekend including the safety team members, officials, hospitality providers, and support personnel.
IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry4 days ago

2021 Indycar seasons begins! Join us in prayer for a safe and productive couple of days

IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry5 days ago

Hows your soul? In an age where fitness and healthy eating are everywhere, how much are we caring for our soul? In a season of great difficulty, Mary helps us see what can happen when kept healthy, chime in to find out. Luke1:46-47

IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry is at Barber Motorsports Park.6 days ago
Barber Motorsports Park

More #roadtoindy #springtraining today and tomorrow at Barber Motorsports Park! Who is ready for the 2021 racing season?

#usf2000 #indypro2000 #indylights #teamcoopertire

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IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry1 week ago

RISEN.. one act to bring Hope, one act to bring Light, the ultimate act of Love.

IndyCar Ministry
IndyCar Ministry is feeling blessed at Indianapolis International Airport.1 week ago
Indianapolis International Airport

There's no better day than Good Friday to begin our 2021 travel season by heading to Barber Motorsports Park for Road to Indy Spring Training! We will be having at track Easter services on Sunday morning at 10am 2nd floor Race Control Building.

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IndyCar Ministry2 weeks ago

The Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of Elizabeth and Mary, and many others even before the day of Pentecost. Let's discuss how the Holy Spirit is at work and why it's so difficult to understand the Holy Spirit working in us sometimes....

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